ADA: Public Ground Transportation Providers

ADA: Public Ground Transportation Providers ADA: Public Ground Transportation Providers

ADA: Public Ground Transportation Providers

            The Americans with Disabilities Act (“ADA”) applies to both public and private ground transportation providers. The U.S. Department of Transportation regulates the ADA rules that apply to transportation.

            The ADA has architectural requirements for fixed-route transportation services. A fixed route transportation system is one that operates along a prescribed route according to a fixed schedule. Typically, these are public transportation systems such as city and commuter bus systems, subways, light rail systems, and intercity rail transportation. These transportation services must provide accessible services including: stop announcements for riders with visual impairments; destination information on the front and side of transportation vehicles; appropriate boarding devices such as lifts and ramps; proper lighting and slip-resistant surfaces; fareboxes must be located so that they do not obstruct passenger flow while boarding the bus; and for individuals who use wheelchairs, there must be enough turning room and space for wheelchairs to maneuver, handrails must be accessible, and stop buttons and pull cords must be within reach of wheelchair securement locations.

            As an individual with a disability, you deserve a fair and equal form of transportation. This means you are entitled to accessible vehicles, respectful operators, and appropriate time to board and exit vehicles. You should never feel rushed or mistreated when taking public transportation. Public transportation is accessible to everyone, and should never feel like a challenge. If you or a loved one believe a public transportation service has failed to accommodate your disability either through poor communicative services, architectural accessibility, or improperly trained drivers or conductors, you likely have a claim for discrimination on the basis of disability.

            If public transportation is a concern or a challenge in your everyday life, we urge you to contact our team of experienced ADA attorneys. Our firm is dedicated to ensuring you have the ability to fully enjoy public transportation regardless of any disability or impairment. You should never be worried about accommodations on public transportation, and you should never be afraid to assert your rights. Contact Bashian & Papantoniou today for a free consultation to discuss your rights and potential claim.

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